Press Release


Jakarta, April, 24th, 2024 – The strategic coordination meeting in the context of socializing the Indo Defence 2024 Expo & Forum: Indo Defence Business Gathering 2024 was successfully held at the Ministry of Defense of Republic Indonesia, Jakarta. This activity was attended by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense, Donny Ermawan Taufanto, M.D.S., M.S.P., who also invited more than 250 representatives of domestic industry and 30 related Ministries/institutions.


The Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense emphasized the importance of this activity for the Indonesian state, in order to increase interdependence between countries, as an effective information and communication medium in encouraging defense cooperation and exchange of the latest defense technology between participating countries. “In this way, Indo Defence has become a strategic platform for building networks, strengthening bilateral relations, and facilitating the exchange of knowledge relevant to global defense progress,” said the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense.


This statement by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense is in line with Minister of Defence Prabowo’s direction during the Opening Ceremony Dinner Indo Defence in 2022. Minister of Defence Prabowo emphasized the importance of this activity to show innovation and technology in the defense industry, “This exhibition is the event for everyone who is in this business, whoever they are, to show their innovation and technology in defence industry.”


Indo Defence 2024 Expo & Forum, a prestigious international exhibition which only takes place once every two years, will once again grace its stage on 6 – 9 November 2024 at JIExpo Kemayoran as the main activity venue, as well as Halim Perdanakusuma Air Base and Pondok Dayung TNI AL Dock as other activity venues. With the main theme “Defence Partnerships for Global Peace & Stability”, this exhibition is expected to become a forum for local companies  to participate in strengthening their existence on the global stage.


Managing Director of PT Napindo Media Ashatama, as the event organizer, expressed his delight at the development of local companies’ participation in this exhibition. Overall participation by both local and international exhibitors has reached 86% of the participation target, showing the industry’s high enthusiasm and commitment to contribute to this prestigious event.


“This outreach is not only about introducing the event to stakeholders, but also about building awareness of the importance of active participation of local companies in international exhibitions. We are very grateful for the extraordinary support from all parties who have committed to making Indo Defence 2024 Expo & Forum  a successful platform for collaboration, innovation and growth of the domestic defense industry,” said the Managing Director of PT Napindo.


Indo Defence 2024 Expo & Forum will be a strategic event for local companies to showcase their superior products, establish partnerships, and access new business opportunities in the global defense industry. It is hoped that the active presence of local companies in this exhibition will strengthen Indonesia’s position as a major player in the regional and global defense industry. More than 1,000 local and international companies, from 60 countries including 35 country pavilions, and 40,000 visitors are expected to fill the 70,000 m2 exhibition area at Indo Defence 2024 for four days.